Rising Leader


Many new managers feel that no one understands their
challenges and find themselves isolated and struggling.

As a newly minted manager you’re often tasked with responsibilities that you have either limited or no experience in.

On top of this, you’re probably also trying every tactic you know to establish your new identity, credibiity and effectiveness as a manager with your team, your peers and senior leaders. Your hands are already full and you’re juggling multiple priorities.

Your energy feels frazzled; your confidence waxes and wanes; and you’re unsure of what and where you need to prioritise next.

Are you a new leader?

  • Are there times when you feel as though you’re ‘in over your head with the pace and juggle of the multiple responsibilities of your role ranging from managing your team’s performance to influencing business objectives & outcomes?
  • Are you struggling to establish credibility with your team and visibility with senior leaders in your organisation?
  • Do sometimes feel as though your role is more than you can effectively manage and it’s impacting your confidence & capability as a leader?
  • Are there days when it feels impossible to make a dent in your to do list & stop yourself from getting deeper & deeper into a hole?

An unrelenting pace and feelings of overwhelm can impact how you effectively think and respond in complex or complicated situations. Brain fatigue, being more prone to distractions & a reduced ability to think on your feet, all take their toll on your performance, self-confidence and resilience.

Leading well is not only a talent, it’s a skill and it can be learned

Learning the skills to negate or reduce the impact of feeling as though you’re out of control, will reduce your stress levels and give you a stronger sense of internal reassurance.

Establishing trust within yourself, your team, your peers and senior managers is fundamental when it comes to influencing business objectives and outcomes. There is nothing more crippling to your career than a lack of credibility.

Empowered Leader Rising Leader

Building trust with others is imperative

As a leader, trust is currency and viewed as an asset, definitely worthy of investing the necessary time and effort into building with the people around you.

Leading by example with a deep capacity for emotional intelligence and dependability are all necessary investments the people around you need in order to start to trust your words and actions.

Trust is what will have the most impact on who you can influence and the outcomes you achieve.

Having a clear identity of who you are and equally, who you are not, is one of the most powerful decisions you can make early in your career.

Many new managers don’t receive or seek leadership training or mentoring for at least the first 8-10 years of their career as a leader, according to Harvard Business Review.

The impacts of this as a new leader are transformational in the sense that they can either set you up for sustained success in your leadership career (because one of the highly motivated ones that just makes it happen) or potentially limit your growth and development as a manager over the long term.

Don’t let the latter be your story. It’s normal for any new role to go through a period of adjustment, after all, new things take time to master. Authenticity in who you are and consistency in how you show up is what builds trust with your team, peers and senior leaders.

Knowing who you and how you want to lead is your foundation for extraordinary leadership

Creating and establishing your own leadership style is a powerful leadership tool. It allows the people around to understand who you really are, what you stand for, what is important to you and where your boundaries lie. Getting to this point takes effort and intention to identify, acknowledge, nurture and grow from within.

The most important relationship you have as a leader is the relationship you have with yourself. Take care of that, and the rest will start to take shape.

Developing the skills and techniques to acknowledge, manage and regulate the peaks & troughs of the complexity in a leadership role enables you to mentally & emotionally lead yourself and others effectively & with clarity.
Empowered Leader Rising Leader

Your Coach

Hi I’m Liz Ellis – and for than 15 years I’ve worked in senior roles across the both corporate and public sectors. I have experienced the challenges of prioritising a work life balance while carving out my career path and raising a family.

Melbourne, Australia has been my home now for more than 20 years and in that time, I’ve successfully transitioned across 3 industries, started my business and coached Directors, CEO’s and high performing leaders to lead from within, empowering themselves to then empower those around them.

Along with Rising Leader, I coach leader’s 1 on 1 in my 6 month Thriving Leader program. Tailored to your individual needs, Thriving Leader is a process of deep self-discovery, self-leadership and self-empowerment to truly refine and amplify who you are as a leader in your career and your life.

My professional experience lies in strategic communications, stakeholder management, planning and strategy.

Leadership is based on combining the art and science of emotional intelligence and self-leadership with specialist tools and insightful techniques. Harnessing well-honed skills in emotional intelligence enables leaders to distinguish themselves by their ability create a healthy and cohesive team culture as well as motivate and influence others to reach business objectives and maximise team performance.

I’m a certified coach, Master Practioner of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), DISC certified coach and certified Timeline Technique Practioner.

When I’m not coaching, you will usually find me outdoors running a trail or relaxing with my family and friends usually with great food close by…..or Ill be somewhere trying to train my adorable 1 year old Weimaraner!

Are you ready to set your leadership foundation?

  • To clarify what success means to you personally, and learn how to disengage from the noisy, and misleading opinions of others?
  • To impactfully communicate with your team and colleagues whilst ‘managing your boss’s expectations’ and increase your self-confidence when you do so?
  • To better understand what your natural personal appeal and communication style is, so that you can more powerfully lead and influence others and feel great in the process?
  • To prioritise your workflow and team projects in line with business objectives and goals and back your decisions and choices with integrity?
  • To identify what your next career options are, and then to strategically take the next steps towards progressing your leadership?

Rising Leader was created to help you to define who you are as an extraordinary leader

Rising Leader is a small group coaching program limited to just 15 participants. It’s designed especially for women, who as new leaders, are ready to invest in themselves and their careers and recognise the significant value they bring to the business world.

“Working with Liz changed everything!”

“My journey with Liz was life changing! She opened my eyes and heart to my own agency and power. Guiding me through a series of activities to discover my internal beliefs and values. She listened and validated my feelings and thoughts at every twist and turn. She supported me to find and respect boundaries in myself and others. I can’t thank Liz enough for facilitating what I can only describe as a self-leadership growth spurt. I highly recommend working with her to discover your potential, and more than that, take it through to action. I feel more anchored and much better equipped to dive into the next chapter of my career.”

   Rachel Astle , Policy Manager, Melbourne Water

After 12 weeks you will discover that leadership is not a role or a title

At its essence it’s about influence. Leadership is a skill, an attitude and a set of behaviors that support and influence the outcomes and objectives you’re working toward achieving. It can be learned and moulded into a style that represents who you are, as the best version of yourself.

Leaders of today are required to show up as authentically human, absolving themselves of authoritarian management styles and to connect openly & personally with their teams & peers to effectively inspire & motivate them toward goals and objectives.

This in itself is shift away from the more traditional leadership style of Command and Control (do as I say). Moving closer toward collaboration, accountability and connection that provides a sense of agency and shared ownership, acknowledging the strengths and talents of the individuals and the team.

Empowered Leader Rising Leader

In 8 sessions over 12 weeks you will learn and implement the following:

Self-care is leadership:

A regular and simplified practice of self-care strengthens your resilience so you can sustain your energy and focus to continue pushing towards goals and outcomes.

Finding your inner north:

Tapping into your inner compass and creating your decision-making framework – this enables you to make decisions and respond in challenging scenarios that are in alignment with your core values and strengths.

Your strengths playlist:

Identifying and tapping into your natural strengths enables you to play to them, achieve better results and focus your energy where it will serve you and others best.

Writing your leadership narrative:

Combining the insights from your personal values, talents and strengths, you will redefine your story and map out the next steps toward your future.

Becoming the leader you know you can be:

Creating your personal brand enables you to connect with what is most important to you and lead from within, showing up every day as the leader you want to be.

EI over IQ:

Enhancing your Emotional Intelligence, we start to bring it altogether enabling you to reflect on and acknowledge yourself with greater clarity, empowering you to understand others more effectively; build stronger relationships and make better decisions.

Connecting to your why to set your sights:

Your leadership purpose is the why for doing what it is that you do. Defining and refining your purpose highlights what is most important to you in life & career & gives you a strong sense of direction toward fulfilling your leadership potential (2 sessions).

Leading with YOUR Purpose

Your purpose is influenced by your personal core values, beliefs and natural strengths.  Combined, they bring your leadership style to life, providing you with your inner compass to keep you on track toward your goals and aspirations.

Understanding yourself, your triggers, your mental & emotional capacity for change & uncertainty, as well as your zones of excellence, enables you to better understand and lead others effectively and with integrity.

Great leaders are remembered for how they make others feel, they focus less on the what and more on the very heart of leadership: who you are and how you are showing up.

Your purpose is your personal brand. It’s the energy you bring into a meeting, a room and a business. Your personal brand arrives before you do. It’s what others know of you and how they feel when they are around you.
Empowered Leader Rising Leader

“One of my best decisions”

“Working with Liz was one of the best decisions I’ve made. I was at standstill in my life and career and had no motivation to take the next steps. Her warm and caring nature invited me to open up and share past experiences to help me move forward. She has not only empowered me with her coaching but gently guided decisions to take control of my life.”


If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far, go together

Small group coaching is a powerful tool for leadership development, unlocking capacity and strengthening one another’s capabilities as you work together in the group.

It builds:

  • Increased self-awareness
  • Fosters self-confidence and resilience
  • Strengthens skills in relationship building

It invites others perspectives to test your assumptions, it’s a safe place where everyone can benefit from the questions & the collective wisdom of the group.

Group coaching enables members to connect and discuss the challenges they are facing, mitigating the sense many new leaders feel in their first years: that they are isolated and alone while they ‘earn their stripes’.

The power of the collective

Empowered Leader Rising Leader
Rising Leader offers a unique environment where problems and challenges can be safely shared within the sessions. As a small group you provide one another an immediate support network that is trusting, encouraging and confidence building. It’s a container for building capability, strong connections & collective solutions.

This is not training, this is in the moment coaching where participants will be asked by either myself or other participants, questions that enable them to either grow personally, develop professionally to solve their own problems.

A private Rising Leader Facebook group is set up where participants can safely continue their conversations as well as share their homework and session preparation. Weekly Q&A’s will be hosted in the Rising Leader Facebook group.

“It was exactly what I needed”

“Liz had an incredible ability to share her calm confident approach with me from the moment we started our sessions. Once we started, I knew immediately that she was able to help me in such an honest and trusting environment. She was exactly what I needed and has an ability to draw on all her skills and tailor make a program just for me . She is an incredible listener and therefore I felt an immediate benefit and looked forward to each and every session.”

Ali Jackson

Still reading? I’d love to tell you about the bonuses

Every participant in Rising Leader will receive the following:
  • Personalised Clifton Strengths assessment
  • Benefit from an empowered learning framework that supports sustainable change from shared learning
  • Access to the closed Rising Leader Facebook Group
  • Develop lifelong leadership skills and deep connections in a safe and trusting environment
  • 24/7 email access for the duration of the Rising Leader 12-week program

    Rising Leader is perfect for you if:

    You’re ready to redefine the success you want to achieve in your life on your own terms.

    You’re motivated, accountable & want to stretch out of your comfort zone to be the leader you know you can be.

    You’re ready to prioritise your wellbeing and show up as the best version of yourself each day.

    You’re committed to doing the work & changing the way you lead yourself and others

    The program isn’t for you if:

    If you’re not committed to changing the way you do things to get a better outcome.

    You’re a timewaster and procrastinator and you currently lack the motivation or accountability to achieve your goals.

    You want to do a group course in leadership because it sounds like it will be easy and fun.

    Developing and trusting your inner compass

    There are no straight lines in life. We all have our own path to take & for most of us it’s unpredictable with twists, turns as well as obstacles and dead-ends. It’s our response to these and other challenges, that is in line with our core values, strengths and purpose that sets us apart.

    Your path is your path – no one else’s and when you step up and take charge of your direction; maintaining accountability for your choices & results, the shoulds and shoulders lose their power over you.

    Knowing your why helps you to overcome the challenges inside fast paced work places, confidently make decisions and communicate with impact across your peer network, with your team and senior leaders.

    When you realise that your purpose is a deeply held belief, it aligns your words and actions; it inspires you to stay true to your course and push past your limits to achieve your goals.

    Are you ready lead with purpose and be the leader you want to be?

    This is a deliberately designed small group program that facilitates personal and professional growth in a safe and intimate virtual setting. It also includes 45 minutes of one to one time with me as bonus for all participants in this first round of Rising Leader. The program is interactive and personal.

    Click here to book your free call with me to see if you feel the program is the right fit or you or not.

    • 8 modules designed to uncover your core values, highlight your strengths and develop your leadership purpose (valued at $3500)
    • All workbooks and worksheets included in the program (valued at $200)
    • Deep and lasting connections with a community of business women to share and grow personally and professionally (priceless)
    • 8 group coaching calls (valued at $500)
    • Personalised Clifton Strengths Assessment (valued at $200)
    • 24/7 email access for the duration of the program ($200)
    • The mindset and presence of a leader with purpose, clarity and integrity (irreplaceable)

    And then there is Rising Leader VIP

    A personalised program tailored to your individual goals and objectives. Rising Leader VIP includes all the very best of Rising Leader group coaching with your own 1 on 1 coaching program running concurrently.

    Rising Leader VIP includes four 1 on 1 coaching sessions with me to truly amplify all the benefits and accelerate your results.

    So not only will you get all the benefits and collective wisdom of the group, you also have the opportunity to dive deeply into specific areas of your life and career where you are feeling stuck, experiencing overwhelm or a lack of confidence in reaching your potential.

    Rising Leader VIP is valued at over $2700!

    Click here to book your free call with me to see if you feel the program is the right fit or you or not.

    I rebooted my career

    “Liz delivers, I have never felt so empowered . With support and guidance from Liz I have dissolved my fears and rebuilt the path to achieve my professional goals . Life changing”

       Kylee Netting, Team Leader Assessing Operations, Auto and General Insurance

    All this and zero risk to you!

    Empowered Leader Rising Leader
    Rising Leader is a genuinely safe & supportive environment to build leadership skills and grow both personally and professionally.

    If you’re not 100% satisfied with this program after participating for the first 14 days, I will give you ALL YOUR MONEY BACK no questions asked.

    There is zero risk and 1000% gain for you by investing in yourself and your career with Rising Leader.

    Still here? Maybe you still have questions…..

    When does the program start?

    The next Rising Leader will start in late February 2022.

    How much time is required (to participate & do the work)?

    Approximately 5-6 hours per month is required to feel and see the benefits of Rising Leader. Group coaching calls are approximately 90 minutes, pre-work and home work should take you no more than 2-3 hours per month to complete.

    I’ve been managing for less than 1 year, is this program for me?

    Yes! This program is perfect for new leaders with 5 years or less experience.

    How long does the Rising Leader program go for?

    The program runs for 12 weeks (3 months) and includes 8 group coaching calls and monthly Q&As in the Facebook group (these are optional for you to attend).

    When will this next be available?

    The program will again be available in May 2022.

    Are there any live calls?

    Yes, monthly lives will be hosted in the Rising Leader Facebook group, these are optional for you to attend.

    Is there a community involved with this program?

    Yes, Rising Leader hosts a closed and private Facebook page that only group participants can access during the program as well as after the program finishes.

    Why should I do this course with you?

    Aside from being a certified coach as well as Practioner in a number of modalities, I also have over 20 years’ experience in both the private and public sectors, the challenges of raising a family while nurturing my career and striving toward personal and professional goals. I talk through the multiple lenses of coach, primary care-giver and real-life leadership experience. My mission is to empower women to recognise their value, back themselves and to step into their personal power and an unshakable sense of self belief in their own capacity to be an extraordinary leader.

    Do I need a special program to access the materials?

    No, you just need internet access, a Facebook account and a registered Zoom account.

    What kind of support can I get if I get stuck?

    The Facebook group is the first go-to if you get stuck as well as raising your concern in weekly Facebook live Q&As or coaching calls. If the issue is sensitive, you can contact me via email.

    I’m not sure I’m ready

    We all have feelings of doubt when we’re investing in something we’re unfamiliar with. I can assure though that the people who question whether this is right for them or not have high levels of integrity and high expectations of themselves – so you’ll be In very good company in this course!

    Rather than worrying about whether or not you should invest the time or money, ask yourself what the cost of staying where you are and continuing to question yourself around what others tell you your leadership capacity is. If you want to talk to me and ask me some further questions that I can provide some reassurance with, click here to book a call.

    I know….. I’ve given you a lot to think about

    You might be feeling as though you’re not sure whether you’re ready for all this yet. I understand how that can make you feel unconfident and unsure about what your next best step is.

    The truth is, we all have moments like this throughout our lives and career and if we don’t push through them to get to what is waiting for us on the other side, you won’t reach your potential and achieve the career success you deserve.

    In order to step up as the leader you want to be, you need to let go of the limiting beliefs and unresourceful thoughts that are holding you back, so you can move forward with confidence and clarity. If there is anything in particular you want to discuss further, you can easily book a call with me here

    Rising Leader is created from tested and trusted neuroscience-based techniques, psychology, coaching and a lot of hard-earned experience.

    I look forward to seeing you in the course!

    “She had my back the entire time”

    “Liz is one of the most considered consultants I have worked with . She draws valuable insights from her vast experience across multiple sectors and organisations. Her approach is measured and applied with empathy and delicate skill.”

      Lilit Chakman, Managing Director, CEA & Miltons Lawyers