Thriving Leader


How will Thriving Leader help you?

Thriving Leader is for men and women who want more fulfilment and genuine satisfaction in their career AND their lives. Thriving Leader is about working with the whole person – who you are in private, is who you are in public.

Does any of this resonate with you?
  • You feel as though you’re giving your best and the needle isn’t moving?
  • You’re nervous or unsure of your decisions and what step to take next
  • You’re facing significant setbacks personally, professionally, or both and don’t have
  • the tools to help you get back on track
  • You feel stressed all the time and just can’t seem to shift how heavy it feels, on your own
  • You’re feeling unmotivated and unsure of what it is that you actually really want
  • You no longer feel you’re ‘successful’ and find yourself questioning what is this all for anyway?

Developing your roadmap to success

Empowered Leader Rising Leader
In Thriving Leader, you will rediscover your strengths and best qualities so you can lead yourself and others authentically with self-assurance and confidence.  Sustaining high performance in work and life does not need to feel like mountain climbing. It’s about developing the unshakable belief in yourself and your team to deliver tangible and powerful results.

Each client program is designed and tailored, based on their individual needs, as well as the goals and objectives they want to achieve. All programs are underpinned by the development of the necessary skills to thrive in every day complex and uncertain scenarios and environments alongside other people.

A tailored program for exceptional results

Taking an approach that is direct, insightful and diagnostic, I work 1:1 with clients and together we develop tools and techniques to enhance their sense of response-ability; and the process for the creation of their own innovative leadership solutions.

In Thriving Leader, you will reconnect with your true potential and what is most important to you in your life at work and at home; and establish trusting relationships with others through honest connection and understanding.

Extraordinary leaders grow personally to develop professionally

Thriving Leader is a 1:1 coaching program comprising of 9 sessions spaced out over 6 months.

By the end of the sessions, clients feel more confident in:
  • Dealing with and recovering from setbacks
  • Re-establishing trust in themselves and in the workplace
  • Coping with stress effectively
  • Developing a leaders mindset
  • Communicating with impact
  • Developing a clear, authentic personal leadership brand
  • Sustaining high performance and productivity
  • Self-reflection to develop deeper self-awareness and self-perception
  • Effectively managing change
  • Tapping into your inherent value, wisdom and brilliance
The program components include:
  • Initial 90-minute goal setting consultation with me to identify the outcomes that will take you to your next level professionally and personally.
  • A 90-minute behavioural profiling session to identify your strengths, drivers as well as your signature communication and relationship style. This session will also provide insight into areas you find confronting or challenging.
  • Seven x 75 minute 1:1 coaching sessions to check in on your implementation plan, calibrate your leadership mindset; and develop strategies to amplify your strengths, talents and experience to keep you on track and moving toward your goals and objectives.
Accountability check-ins every month

Your investment in the future you desire and deserve:

6 monthly payments of $766 AUD

$4397 AUD upfront payment and saving you $200

I know this is a significant investment

Empowered Leader Rising Leader
And you might be feeling as though you’re not sure whether you’re ready for all this yet. I understand how that can make you feel unconfident and unsure about what your next best step is.
The truth is, we all have moments like this throughout our lives and career and if we don’t push through them to get to what is waiting for us on the other side, you won’t reach your full potential and achieve the career success you know you can achieve.

In order to step up as the leader you want to be, you need to let go of the limiting beliefs and unresourceful behaviour patterns that are holding you back, so you can move forward with confidence and clarity.

Thriving Leader is created from tested and trusted neuroscience based techniques, psychology, coaching and a lot of hard earned experience and training.

I’m investing in you too

I spend 30 minutes with every Thriving Leader client free of charge so we can talk, get a feel for one another and a sense of whether this will be a good fit for both of us. I’m committed to getting results for all my clients, and I have an expectation that they will show-up ready to each and every session to take the next step to reach their goals.

There is absolutely no risk to you

Empowered Leader Rising Leader

Thriving Leader is a genuinely safe & supportive environment to further develop your leadership skills and mindset as well as grow both personally and professionally.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with this program after participating for the first 14 days, I will give you ALL YOUR MONEY BACK no questions asked.

There is zero risk and 1000% gain for you by investing in yourself and your career with Thriving Leader.