Confidence. Authenticity. Resilience

“An empowered leader is one who engages, inspires and maximises the talents and contributions of their team toward the achievement of a goal or vision”

I’m passionate what empowered teams are able to achieve together and that takes the leadership and direction of someone with personal power, a clear vision and the ability to communicate authentically.

The spectrum of empowerment spans a range of factors that include your identity, personality and the capacity for self-leadership.  Becoming an empowered leader takes empathy, self-knowledge and vision as well as a commitment to investing in yourself and your potential.

Empowerment is the ultimate win-win for everyone:  it builds trust, confidence, transparency and high performance across teams and individuals regardless of their position in the organisational hierarchy. And it has a ripple effect; empowered people, empower (other) people.

Based on my Empowered Leader Framework, I’ve developed my signature one-on-one coaching program, Thriving Leader to draw out  and amplify the attributes & resources already within you that represent who you are now, and inspire you towards who you truly want to be as an empowered leader.

Empowered Leader coaching and mentoring provide you with clarity and direction in your life and career. Consider an investment in any of my programs as an investment in yourself and your future. As your coach, I am committed to working with you to develop sustainable real-life practices that enrich and sustain your mental, emotional and physical wellbeing while working toward your leadership goals and vision.


Empowered Leader packages are customised to the client to meet their individual needs.

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Rising Leader

Rising Leader is the perfect solution for new and emerging leaders with demanding schedules. With a maximum of 15 peers in this small group program your growth and transformation into the style of leader you want to become, begins.

Thriving Leader

Thriving Leader 1 on 1 coaching develops and amplifies your authentic and empowered leadership style. This individually tailored program provides sustainable practices to support your continued growth,  self-leadership and empowerment; improving your ability to communicate with influence & impact.

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Nothing changes until you do.

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What My Clients Say

"It was exactly what I needed."

"Liz’s calm, confident approach instantly made me feel that she was exactly what I needed. She has an ability to draw on all her skills and tailor a program just for me. She is an incredible listener and I felt an immediate benefit and looked forward to each and every session."

Ali Jackson

"Liz had my back the whole time."

"Liz is one of the most considered consultants I have worked with. She draws on valuable insights from her vast experience across business and industry. Her approach is measured and applied with empathy and delicate skill."

  Lilit Chakman, Managing Director, CEA & Miltons Lawyers

"I am in control of my future."

"Liz is amazing at what she does, I worked with Liz to develop my why and my goals for the future and now I feel so in control and aware of where I want to go, She has an amazing talent in this space."

  Holly Otto, Sales Executive, Xero

"Working with Liz changed everything!"

"My journey with Liz was life changing! She opened my eyes and heart to my own agency and power. Guiding me through a series of activities to discover my internal beliefs and values. She listened and validated my feelings and thoughts at every twist and turn. She supported me to find and respect boundaries in myself and others. I can’t thank Liz enough for facilitating what I can only describe as a self-leadership growth spurt. I highly recommend working with her to discover your potential, and more than that, take it through to action. I feel more anchored and much better equipped to dive into the next chapter of my career."

   Rachel Astle , Policy Manager, Melbourne Water

"I rebooted my career."

"Liz delivers. I have never felt so empowered. With her support and guidance I have dissolved my fears and rebuilt the path to achieve my professional goals. Life changing."

   Kylee Netting, Team Leader Assessing Operations, Auto and General Insurance